Overpopulation and it's effects today:

Overpopulation in Rome Notes:
· Barbarian overpopulation caused pressure on the Roman boarder.
· Over 1 million people lived in Rome
· Rome was at full power when it happened
· With lack of expansion it put more pressure on Rome
· Caused inflation which is- an increase in money
· Rome needed to reduce their population because Rome was starting to fall
· Farmers would return to their homes from war
· more people would return
· People who owned large amounts of land were a threat to roman officials
· it took away space for other people
· Roman officials thought that they would have to take away their own land and got worried.
· Had to take their land away
Overpopulation Today:
  • to many people without food lack of wealthfare
  • People need money and people are raiseing taxes wich is causeing inflation
  • more people means a lesser chance of getting a job even when you go to college
  • More compition for jobs
  • people manly illegall immagrants will work for less than minnimum wag
  • People will put their child in an orfanige because they have no money

Steps Taken to Prevent Overpopulation in one area:

  • people mainly police and government offcials are trying to stop illegall imagration

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