INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read the letter that was found from the Roman Emperor to his people that discusses the problems of the Empire.
2. Contribute to the K-W-L chart page. You must include what you KNOW about the problems of Rome and WHAT you want to know.
3. Pick one of the problems described and post the necessary tools, information, people, and resources that are needed to solve this problem in the ACTIVATE THE TIME MACHINE tab. Be sure to put YOUR name by your post.
For example Suzy Student: Welfare program: Tax information, census information, contact local Congress person, agencies that deal with people on welfare such as the YWCA, soup kitchens, government records of how much tax payer money goes to welfare.....
4. Once your "tools" have been approved by Miss Place you have "activated" the time machine and will travel back in time to solve the problems of Rome using current attempts and solutions.
5. Research at least 7 new facts about your problem during the Roman Empire and post a short summary about your problem. Be sure to include your name!!!
6. Begin the "nitty gritty" part of this project and research how the United States has the same (or similar) problem of ancient Rome. Use current resources such as government agencies, contacting political representatives, agencies in the Cincinnati area, current news articles, google videos, among others. You will be emailing, calling, and researching how the U.S. is still trying to solve the problems that ancient Rome could not.
7. Using the information from experts today, create an action plan for Rome. You will travel back in time and present the Emperor with your step by step plan of action to solve Rome's problems. Be sure to reference the information you gathered from current experts.
8. To create your step by step action plan you may use any of the following tools:
News report using flip cam
Documentary style video
Presentation using slides:
Voice Thread:
Create your own wiki
Create a podcast:
Create a blog: