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Hi Kristin! My dad is a fire-man and as you may know a lot of fire-men just got laid-off. He can talk about the Umemployment in Cincinnati. We will probably skype him if you want to on Monday. Please prepare questions for him. Thanks!

513- 791-0381
Contact information about unemployment
i'm doing project on unemployment i was wondering if i could talk to someone in your office.

. questions? is now a good time?

~ can you tell me how many like estimated people get unemoployed each year in Cincinnati?

~ Let's say your a teacher and you get laid off do you have to wait a specific time before your allowed to have another job?
no specific time 26 weeks looking 4 a job
~ Can unemployment cause depression?
~does Unemployemnt in Ohio happen Daily?
9% of the U.S population
~ How many people loose their jobs for Unemplyment
1. new tech is applied
2. cheaper in other countries
202 225 3164
25 million people unemployed in the whole country

Final Project

1800 784 6366