Todays problem: The Forest Hills school district is not getting enough tax dollars to teach their students all the subjects they need and at the quality they want. Staff is being cut and which means class sizes are getting larger.




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Meet today with superindendent Dallas Jackson from the Forest Hills School District. Several of us were able to ask him budget and school funding questions.

From: Lillie Pennington []
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 6:40 PM
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Subject: Interview

Mr. Schlosser,

My name is Lillie Pennington and I am in your daughter Kate’s social studies class. I am doing a project on the high price of education today and how this might compare to the problems of the Roman empire. I found you because I was talking to Kate about my research about the Forest Hills Foundation for Education, and she said I could ask you some questions. If you could, could you answer these questions for me?

1. How long has the Forest Hills foundation for education been around?
2. What events or projects has the Forest Hills foundation for education helped pay for in the past?
3. What events/projects is the Forest Hills foundation for education planning to help pay for/fund in the future?
Thank you again for answering these, and thank you for your time.


Lillie Pennington

From: Brian Schlosser []
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 10:15 PM
Subject: FW: Interview

Hi Lillie!

Thank you for asking about the Forest Hills Foundation for Education. I’m happy to help you.

The Forest Hills Foundation for Education was officially formed in 2008. Our Foundation is very young and our first two years were spent getting organized. Therefore we have just begun to fund special projects. Just this past week we funded our first project for the school district – the Access 24/7 Learning project. Access 24/7 will provide afterhours, in-house academic support for Forest Hills students. The Foundation will provide the money necessary to pay teachers and to keep the high schools’ and Nagel Middle School’s computer labs open after normal school hours.

Our only current project commitment is the Access 24/7 Learning project. Future project commitments may include renovation projects (i.e. renovation of an auditorium or playgrounds), educational support projects (i.e. college entrance exam tutoring or a new science labs). These are just examples of some of the projects that could be considered.

I hope that this helps you with your project. Feel free to e-mail me anytime and I do what I can to help. Good luck on your project.

Mr. Schlosser

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