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People contacted: (The Financial Aid Office at U.C.)

Dear Tim,
Thank you for contacting the University of Cincinnati. I would love to assist
you and answer your questions.
There are a few different ways that students pay for their education at the
University of Cincinnati. Students can have money from savings or work.  Some
students’ parents help them pay for college. And many students will apply for
financial aid from the government or school to help them.  The financial aid may
be free money or it may be loans that the student or parent pays back after
college.  Federal aid is used to assist students with college expenses; it does
not necessarily pay for their entire cost of school. That is why it’s very
important for students and their families to plan ahead for college. You don't
have to have all the money for college in your bank account.  But you do have to
plan for how you are going to pay for college just like other purchases.
Most students will use a combination of these ways to pay for school.  But
sometimes students take classes and don't pay for them.  If they do not have
enough to pay, the state of Ohio requires that we do not let the student take
more classes until they pay for the ones they have already finished.
The tuition and fees that are billed to students are used to support the
university. The money is used for paying instructors, supporting university
offices, university libraries, computer equipment for the classrooms, and paying
for buildings.  We also need the money to pay electricity bills and to pay to
have the grass mowed and the sidewalks shoveled.  Some money is used to offer
scholarships to talented students and other money to students who need help
paying their tuition cost.  Some of the fees students pay are for the recreation
center or for their housing and meal plan.
A student’s classes can be determined by the degree program that they are in.
There are some classes that are only open to students in a certain degree
program, because it pertains to their degree. However, we have other classes
that are open for any student in any degree program to take as well.  UC will
admit those students who we feel can meet the challenges of their degree
program.  That is why it is important to get good grades in school to show you
can do well in college classes.
I hope that I was able to assist you with your questions and you received the
information that you needed for your project.
Shannon McDaniel
Student Financial Aid Office
513-556-9171 (Fax)
One Stop Student Service Center
220 University Pavilion
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To: Student Financial Aid (sfao)
Hello Financial Aid Office,
     I am a seventh grader at Nagel Middle School. I am working on a project to
see if we could go back in time to save ancient Rome. I have to solve the
problem of high education prices. Would you be able to answer some question I
have. Here are my questions. 1: If some one can not pay for the entire amount,
how do you deal with it? 2: Were does the money you collect go to (supplies,
teachers, other staff)? 3: Do you only accept certain students for certain
classes? If you could e-mail me back it would be very helpful.
    Thank you,
    Tim Soudrette